Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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Happy Halloween! Eek…What are you wearing tonight?!?

If you are waking up this morning thinking ” oh geez…what on earth am I going to dress up as tonight,”  stop worrying!  Wake up and turn on WVLT (channel 8) to catch my segment on Last Minute Halloween Costumes! It will air at 6:20 am!

If you missed it, or if you are just following up to it,  you know that I have you covered with some great last minute costumes that can be put together with items you most likely have in your closet or can complete with one quick stop.

Here are 5 easy costumes to consider: 

1. Masquerade Beauty

Masquerade Masks

Ok…so this is the EASIEST costume possible. Earthbound Trading Company on Market Square has a FABULOUS selection of masquerade masks this season. This is a great buy and who knows when you will go to masquerade party? Throw on one of these masks with all black and you have a great costume for cheap. Who doesn’t love wearing sequins and feathers? You instantly feel glamorous and keep people guessing who you are!

{p .s.  these masks are buy one get one 1/2 off though Halloween}

2. 50 Shades of Grey


Not only is this costume super creative, everyone will know what you are and it is SOO easy to make! All you need is a grey t-shirt (we got this one at Target), a handful of grey paint samples, and a stapler. Take the paint samples and staple them to the top of your t-shirt. From there, just take additional paint samples and staple them to the already attached samples. You’ll end up with long strands of these paint samples. From here go back in and staple random paint samples to multiple strands. This way you make them all connected. When you are done and happy with how it looks, staple the ends to the t-shirt. Throw this on with grey leggings and grey booties and you’re 50 shades of grey!

{p.s. This may seem like a lot of work but it really only took 15 minutes to make}

3. Daisy from the Great Gatsby

daisy from gg

This costume is easy to replicate as EVERYTHING Daisy is wearing is in style! All you need is a great sequin top, fur scarf, rhinestone headband, and stacks of shiny bracelets.

2013-10-30 07.56.07 pm

I found everything I need to transform into Daisy around town. Head over to Obligato for the fabulous sequin top (by Tbags Los Angelos) and rabbit fur infinity scarfabove {oh so chic}. Then wear it all again this holiday season and look fabulous. This is the PERFECT reason to go get some stunning new clothes! I found some super sparkly jewels at Earthbound Trading Company or you can use your current stack of bracelets. Pop in some shiny earrings, grab a rhinestone headband (I got this one at Icing at the mall) and TADA, your Daisy!

4. Sandy from Grease 

2013-10-29 08.04.04 pm

Sandy from Grease is SUPER easy to replicate this season. All you need is black leggings , a black tank top, gold hoops and red lipstick. If you have a pair of red heels, great! If not…not worries…it’s night time and no one is looking at your feet.  My favorite part of this costume is the leggings. Most people have a pair and you may even have a pair with leather accents. If you don’t have a “go-to” pair of black leggings, this gives you the PERFECT excuse to go get a pair!

2013-10-29 08.11.33 pm

5. Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter

This costume requires 4 things: 1. Blue chambray oxford. 2. Jeans. 3. Scarf headband 4. Red lipstick.

EASY. Most of us have all this {well minus the headband}.  I found a headband IDENTICAL to this at J.C.Penny for $12. DONE!


Enjoy and Happy Halloween!



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